Today at Lunch

3-29-13 Lunch Walk

Little Steps

Who knew that 2x’s around the buildings at work was a mile? Not me! Yesterday I walked 2 or 3 times around (wasn’t counting), so it got me thinking how far did I walk? So I downloaded a pedometer on my iPhone and got to walking at lunch today just to see.

From now on, I’ll keep my pedometer on my phone on to see how active I am.  Little steps. Literally. I’m going to try to increase my daily activity more and more each day. I spend a lot of my time in traffic, or at my desk… sitting sitting sitting… If I want to lose weight, I have to change my lifestyle. I can’t make it to the gym before or after work so I have to increase my activity. In little ways, and by working out at home.

Commuting an 1+ hours a day is hard.  It makes me tired, it makes me want to snack and drink junk in the car. But mostly it drains me and it drains my time. Time I could be at the gym or playing with my son, or getting things done at home. Then I’m at work sitting at my desk.  I think there is an epidemic in this country. Sitting. We all need to get off our asses and MOVE!


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