Making Strides

I already feel like I have more energy! My diet wasn’t horrible, but there are little changes I must make like switching oils, and using real butter instead of margarine. I love fruits and veggies, I just need to watch what I add to them. No salt, because I don’t want to retain water. Whole grains and less red meat.

Back to the energy thing, last week I was only able to do 8 mins of a 30 min workout. Today I was able to do the entire 30 mins. Usually at the end of the week, all I want to do is sleep. Today I was noticed and I had the energy to match. I felt more rested. Increasing my physical activity during the week really helped! If I can walk at least 1 mile every day at lunch and then do at least 30mins of a workout at home before bed, I’ll make some great progress! Let’s move! I’m on my way to the zoo with my family. Let’s see how far I walk there!


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