Digging Deep


Where does the time go? We got home early, but we had errands to run so we went to Costco and a few other places. But buying things in bulk means I have to divide and freeze some if I can, or wash and cut fruit. It was around 10, and I remember thinking where did the time go? I just was ready for bed. But I couldn’t just go to bed without doing some sort of exercise… I put on my gear and did a good 15 mins of a cardio dvd, which was only one section of it. I need to change my habits, and workout first. Some things can wait, but not my fitness goals. Moms are always taking care of others and putting themselves last, my mom did it. I can’t do it! How can I take care of my family if I’m not healthy?

To me, it was worth the 15 mins. I need to condition myself, and get my blood pumping. The more active I am each day, I can be even more active the next day. I’m breaking bad habits.


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