So yesterday, was laundry day. Oh Joy. NOT! I hate laundry, not to mention the laundromat! I also had planned to sort old baby clothes so that we can sell some to a second hand shop. So yeah my body was sore anyway, so I already decided to take the night off from working out. After all I did walk a mile, so it wasn’t “technically off” but for arguments sake- the mile is extra in my head. Ok, I’m tired! haha!

My husband had to be at work at 6:30 AM, and we carpool- so I had to be dropped off at 6AM! Yeah, I woke up at 4AM- that’s unnatural! (for anyone who doesn’t have a newborn). This weekend, we went to the zoo and it was Easter- so the things we usually do on the weekend, we did Monday and Tuesday after work. Believe me when I say I am looking forward to going home and not leaving. But I know I’m going to be tired and want to just sit on the couch… I have to push myself not to do that.


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