Walking in Numbers

So I inspired 2 ladies from my office to walk at lunch too! I was already half done, but one of them said that she was probably going to hike later. Another woman from our office said that her shoes are collecting dust under her desk, and she’ll walk this afternoon.  I guess I’m starting an office MOVEment. (Pun, intended)

I’m glad that I’m an inspiration to other people- it reaffirms that I’m making good decisions. My cube-mates have even noticed my new snack choices. Even though I was up at 5AM, I don’t feel tired. I know I would’ve before I started changing my lifestyle- I would’ve been slamming back pop and coffee with tons of sugar to stay awake. I’m glad I’m not putting that stuff in my body anymore. I can’t drink black coffee, too acidic for my stomach. We truly are what we eat. I walked past a table in the break room earlier with bags of tortilla chips and angel food cake (for anyone to have)- and I wanted something crunchy… I thought about those chips more than once. But I decided that water and gum will do. Grant it tortilla chips aren’t the worst thing to eat in the world- but I knew my lunch wasn’t too far away- and I wasn’t hungry. Just extra calories that I didn’t need.

I am proud of myself though, because last night my husband offered to buy a pie from CoCo’s, I wanted something creamy. I insisted “NO!” I love pie, I don’t think I’m strong enough to resist it, if it were in the house.  We did stop by the store and I bought Greek yogurt- it was quite tasty.

In other news, my jeans are fitting me looser in the thigh area. I feel the changes that I’ve been making- I think that’s why I’m trying my hardest to continue making progress.

Also, today is my first day starting the  Body by Vi 90 day challenge.  You replace two of your meals with their special formulated shakes. I’m going to weigh and measure myself later when I get home- and post more about the challenge and my first day on it. And of course update how my challenge is going.

I’m blogging to document my journey from 286 lbs to 130ish lbs. I’m on a weight loss, fitness, and overall health journey. I realized I’m not healthy, and I need to be. I need to teach my son how to be healthy, I am an example to him. I also want to run, jump and play with him and right now- it’s hard for me to do that. I’m starting a 90 day Body by Vi Challenge because I’ve seen the results. I’ve tried fad diets, starvation, and pills. I thought about going on the Biggest Loser or getting gastric bypass. But I need to set a goal and accomplish it. There really is no quick fix. Losing 150 lbs is a big commitment to myself. Also, I set an overall goal of 150 lbs, because I want to be at a healthy BMI for my height (5’5″). I know that everyone is different, and that this won’t happen overnight or in 90 days.


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