My 90 Day Challenge

Today was my first day on my Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. My first out of two shakes was this morning. I mixed 2 scoops of the mix with 8 ounces of soy milk. It tasted great, and was very filling. Although I’m not very hungry in the morning. I was previously drinking Naked Smoothies every morning. So that was an easy swap. I’m actually drinking more shake than I was smoothie. 8 ounces of shake 90 calories (shake mix) + 80 calories (soy milk) grand total 170 calories. The naked smoothies were 6 ounces and between 120 and 160 calories (depending on the flavor).  But with the smoothies I would be hungry around 8 AM. With the shake this morning I had my snack around 9 AM. (homemade trail mix- almonds, dried fruit and granola)

I spend my half hour lunch walking (around 20 mins of it anyway) a mile (for now). Then when I return to my desk I eat/work (12:30). All week it’s been salads on the menu. I plan for this to be my 1 meal for the day. I was hungry soon after around 1:30.  I had my snack of carrot sticks and a few grapes.

All day besides my shakes, I drink water. It was hard to fight the fact that I wanted to eat during the afternoon. I had to fight the urge to go get something out of the vending machine and eat the food in the break room. I chewed gum and drank my water. I read somewhere that it’s easier to avoid unneeded snacking by keeping your breath fresh- this helped.

By the time I got home, I felt famished. I drank water, and I wanted to eat. I cooked dinner for my husband and son- spaghetti with spinach and meatballs… I tried but I feel guilty to say… I ate 3 meatballs. Don’t ask me the calories… I know I shouldn’t have done it.  I made my second shake for the day. This time, I wanted to try a chocolate flavor mix in, and because I ate the meatballs- I thought I’d mix my shake with water instead of soy milk. This was a mistake- it tasted chalky, and it wasn’t as filling. It made me sad not to eat dinner with my son, but the reason why I decided to replace dinner with my second shake was so that when I work out at home- it won’t be on an empty stomach and I won’t be too full.

All in all, I think I did good. And I believe I ate those meatballs because, I’m craving protein. That also might be because it’s my time of the month… I know TMI… but yeah.

After giving my son a bath and putting him to bed, I got ready and did my workout. I felt the burn! OH WOW! This was probably the first time since I started doing this. I had to push through the pain. I know that what I’m doing is working. I feel my muscles contracting and I AM SWEATING!!  So I feel good. I’m going to sleep good tonight. Waking up at 4 AM today, will contribute too.

Since today was the first day of my Challenge, I weighed and measured myself.

Sex: F
Age: 27
Weight: 280 lbs
Chest: 43 in
Stomach: 50 in
Hips: 60 in
L Arm: 16 in
R Arm: 16 in
L Thigh: 37 in
R Thigh: 36 in
L Calf: 21 in
R Calf: 22in


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3 responses to “My 90 Day Challenge”

  1. vividphotoanddesign says :

    Great job, Naomi! The first week is always the hardest. You got this!
    I use almond milk in my shakes and they were really too thick for me, so I do half milk and half water. I wonder if that would help with the chalkiness you’re getting with just water. I also blend mine with a handful of ice cubes and that tastes amazing after a workout!
    I’m so thrilled for you, you’re already seeing the impact in your life and those around you. 🙂

  2. liezab says :

    Great job, Naomi! You’re making those small decisions that are going to make such a huge impact on you and your family. 🙂
    I drink my shakes with almond milk, and when I first tried it, they were super thick. I now use half almond milk and half water, which might help with the chalkiness of just water? I also blend it up with some ice cubes so it’s really cold, and I LOVE that after a workout.
    You’re already seeing the changes in yourself, and those around you. That’s so inspiring!! 🙂

  3. naomisilas7 says :

    Thanks Lieza, I’m going to look into those recipes. I think it’s hard because I see my son and husband eating, and it leaves me wanting more… but that’s a mental struggle I have to get past.
    Thanks for everything! 🙂

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