Let’s Move!

Today was a busy day! I had my lunch walk. Then after work, (my husband didn’t work so my son stayed home from daycare with him) we went to Dana Point Marina/beach and walked. My son loved it, of course. We didn’t see whales but we explored the butterfly garden- didn’t see any haha – but he’s very into “scaring” right now. Yelling Boo! And my husband and I act scared and he loves it. Then there was some shopping and cleaning and I lost track of time and it was 10 at night again. And I almost made an excuse that my 2 walks were good enough… But I had to shake that “good enough” attitude. I decided to do Hip Hop Abs total body burn, and my abs! Oh My! They burn! But I feel so accomplished!

I also realized today that I used to eat off of my sons plate when he’s done eating. I grew up being told not to waste food. But do I need to finish his food? No! I almost did, and fell into that old habit. Extra calories, and eating just to eat. My body is adjusting to the calorie decrease. Goal burn more calories than I take in. Simple.


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