Belly Fat

So before I had my son I didn’t really have any belly fat. Then came my pregnancy and babies are carried in your belly… Duh.

So this has been an area that I probably most want to be back in shape. I mean I’ve always had butt, thighs and hips- but this is new to me and I hate seeing this jiggly- out-of-shape-pouch! To make things worst, my year and a half year old thinks it’s absolutely hilarious to jiggle mommy’s tummy. He doesn’t mean anything by it- but kids are totally innocent, and have a way of being way too honest. So it makes me self conscious, because if he notices it, I’m sure other people do.

While I work out I wear a sweat belt around my stomach. I can squeeze my abs- but I have belly fat- and I can’t squeeze in fat. So I wear one. And believe me, it’s so soaked with sweat!! Towards the end of my workout – it’s shifting – because it can’t stay in place, due to the sweat. I mentioned that my stomach doesn’t stick out past my boobs- and that really makes me feel good. I know it’s a combination of everything I’m doing… But if sweat is fat crying… Then this is how you burn belly fat! Just saying!


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