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Photo Apr 09, 12 38 04 PMLast night’s post was short because I just did a quick update from my phone. But what I failed to mention is that while we were hiking, I totally had the realization that a week before yesterday- I would not have been able to hike up a hill. Aside from the fact that I would have been horribly out of breath, I did not have the control and stabilization of my knee. I learned that to heal/repair my knee injury, I had to work out and strengthen the muscles surrounding my injured knee. And I have been. My knee no longer feels weak, and like it might collapse beneath my weight. Also I really felt my abs, calves, hamstrings and quadriceps working!

Today at lunch, I walked longer and faster! Music in my ears was a big motivator- I finally remembered my headphones. Also I have a new app (MapMyWalk), so that I can track and challenge myself. YAY! I also ordered new/used super cheap workout dvd’s from Amazon. I don’t want to ever use the excuse that “I’m bored” with my workout. I’m feeling really good.

Tomorrow, is my weigh-day. I don’t want to be a slave to the scale, so I decided that I would only measure and weigh myself once a week. It’s hard enough trying to change my lifestyle without stressing/obsessing about everything I eat (even though I sort of do.) I don’t count calories (even though I sort of do.) If I say I’m “dieting” that means that I’m going to go back to the way I used to be when my “diet” is done. But I’m not, so I’m decreasing my calorie intake, and increasing my physical activity- and as long as I burn more than I take in, I’ll lose weight. And I know I have been. This all started with my knee, and I’ve been taking it easy and have been slowly rebuilding it. Right now, I still can’t jump without being a little shaky on the landing- but that’s just another small goal within my reach.


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