2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago, I was 286 pounds. 2 weeks ago, I walked with a limp because I had an injured knee. 2 weeks ago, I had a difficult time carrying my 30 lb toddler up 1 flight of stair to our apartment, and needed to take a break to catch my breath. 2 weeks ago, I would sit at my desk all day and have almost no physical activity during my day. 2 weeks ago, I could not run and chase my son around. 2 weeks ago, I could have slept all day- slept my life away. 2 weeks ago, I decided to change my life. In 2 weeks, I lost 15 pounds.

It’s only been 2 weeks for me, and I have to keep it up. I know I won’t always lose this much weight, so I’m not expecting numbers like these all the time. I’m just so happy to see my results. Yes, it feels good to have more room in my clothes, and have waaay more energy. But what feels even better? Is the time I’m getting back in my life! I have energy to play and spend time with my son. I’m awake in the morning on the car ride to work, and I can talk and laugh with my husband during that time. I’m more productive and clear-minded at work. And I’m generally a more happy person! I find myself smiling more, and joking with people- something I would not normally do! I was sluggish, and frumpy, and I’m not hopped up on caffeine or stressing or randomly eating because I need a boost of energy.  It’s so amazing because this is only the beginning for me. I’m looking forward to tomorrow- every day! I’m ready to face challenges head on! I’m motivated, and I’m ready to MOVE! And keep going. Progress is good! Whoever said progress wasn’t a good thing- is a liar! (lol – Ministry of Magic/Umbridge). 15 pounds down, 135 more to go!



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5 responses to “2 weeks ago”

  1. SouthernExpressionsBlog says :

    Congratulations! 🙂 Keep up the good work! You will continue to feel better everyday! A little trick I found that really helped me was to have two jars of marbles or whatever you like….and put in one jar the weight you want to loose and as you drop those lbs move it into the other jar! (Wonderful PINTEREST find, yet I can’t find it again.) It’s a great way to see all of your progress along the way! Happy Weight Loss to you!

    • naomisilas7 says :

      Thank you so much!! That is a great idea! And a really good visual tool to help make that goal something I can see! I think I might do that! Now, where can I buy marbles! lol

      • SouthernExpressionsBlog says :

        I used the little glass rocks that I guess look like marbles..Round on one side and flat on the other. And I got them at Michaels. But, i’m sure they have them at Target, Walmart, any craft store….I think they are with the floral decor. If not, the candle section. 🙂 Or you could use little rocks…Honestly, anything that can give the ‘visual’! One jar said…’Pounds to go’ and the other said ‘Pounds lost’. I hope this helps!

      • naomisilas7 says :

        Thanks!! I’m definitely going to do this.

      • SouthernExpressionsBlog says :

        Great! You’ll have to let me know you’re thoughts after! 🙂

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