Comparing the Numbers (week 1)

Sex: F
Age: 27
Weight: 271 lbs (-9 lbs)
Chest: 42 in (-1 in)
Waist: 44 in (-6 in)
Hips: 58 in (-2 in)
L Arm: 15 in (-1 in)
R Arm: 15 in (-1 in)
L Thigh: 33 in (-4 in)
R Thigh: 32 in (-4 in)
L Calf: 21 in (0)
R Calf: 21 in (-1)

I really feel the difference in my thighs and belly.  I will post pictures soon.

Today after work we were running errands and I didn’t get home until 9PM… so here I was doing Ripped in 30 late at night again. But I think starting my day with such good news of my weight loss propelled me to not be lazy and just lay on the couch and play PS3 or watch TV. We also, went out to eat. Norms (for all you SoCal peeps)… yummy! I did order food, shared with my son- ate a few bites and asked for a box. That Portobello Mushroom and Spinach Omelet, will be my lunch. When we got to the restaurant, my husband asked if I wanted to order an appetizer… I said, um… NO, are you crazy?! Then he joked that he would just order something and I could eat off of him. I thought it was a good idea- but he likes his Lumberjack platter… he had leftovers too- I mean you could share a meal there! Huge portions! Portion sizes are so bad in this country- I was very guilty of that! As I continue on this journey- I find that I have much more self control, and I’m finding it easier to say no to things I know won’t help me on this journey.  But I know I can’t get comfortable- because that’s when it’s easy to lose control. I still have to work as hard as I did on day 1. No Excuses!


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