The numbers are in!

So this is my first weigh in since starting the Body by Vi 90 day challenge. I haven’t taken measurements yet, just a quick weigh in before getting ready for work. My current weight is… 271 lbs! I lost 9 pounds in 1 week! Since I’ve been working out, I’ve lost a total of 15 lbs! And I have so much room in this hoodie that I wear in the morning. Before I could barely zip it up. I have room in my pants. I have so much energy! I could barely stay awake in the morning in the car ride to work, and now I’m awake (much better company to my husband- I’m sure). And I used to be ready to crash as soon as I would get home. AND FROM WHAT?! SITTING! I didn’t used to do anything. What they say is true, if you exercise and eat right you WILL have WAY more energy for everything else! I can’t go back to the way I was. I guess my biggest problem was, that I never really tried to lose weight- I sort of just yo-yo’ed up and down and thought that was okay. I would start things and then stop, and no wonder I never made any progress. This is just 1 week, imagine I have 11 weeks to go-  on this challenge. But, this is so much more than a challenge to me. I’m changing my life.


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3 responses to “The numbers are in!”

  1. liezab says :

    That is SO AWESOME!!!! Congrats! You’re going to be able to submit your Project 10 “I lost it” video like tomorrow! And you can submit a video for EVERY 10 pounds. You are rocking this out!!!!!!!!!! I ❤ it! 😀

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