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I just want to say, I sleep so good now. After I workout and shower, I fall asleep so fast. Before, I would toss and turn and couldn’t get comfortable or I’d be hot- all sorts of things. And when I woke up- I would just want to go back to sleep and I’d spend my day in a haze- lagging – drained – and tired.  Now I’m so alert, and when I wake up – I’m up! I’m ready for the day, I’m excited for the day. The days don’t seem as long or as short. I feel like I have the perfect amount of time and energy to match. I don’t feel like everything is a struggle or frustrating. It’s wonderful. I know I’m not as healthy as I should be – but that doesn’t worry me – because I know I’m on my way!

1 thing I noticed, my walks are the same route but depending on the pace they are more or less than a mile (these are with the new app) My old ones were either .96, .89, 1.15… you get the idea. Is that normal? I don’t know but Is my mile – really a mile? How can I find out. I suppose I could average them all out…? Please let me know if you can answer this. I’d really like to know. Thanks!




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2 responses to “Sleep”

  1. liezab says :

    That’s so exciting about all of your energy! Can’t wait to hear about more changes as you keep going. 🙂 And I’m not sure about the mile thing, maybe ask in the Mommies group? I know a lot of them track their workouts and walks…

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