Why I started.


I feel so great! I just don’t know how to fully express that. These Body by Vi shakes are so great! In one of my earlier posts I said I tried pills to lose weight. And let me do a little comparison for you.

I heard about the Challenge in December of 2012 from a friend, and said it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t ready. I kept finding excuses, saying nothing was wrong with me. Saying I was comfortable at my weight. I at one time thought- why would she ask me if I wanted to lose weight? Maybe I was happy the way I was? There’s nothing wrong with being confident… but honestly I was in denial.

I tried Hydroxycut… and honestly I didn’t even get through the first week of taking 1 pill a day. My body was so hopped up on caffeine… I could feel my blood pulsing through my veins! I was super hyper, I was running to the bathroom all the time, and my blood pressure was so high I had a horrible headache I could NOT get rid of, until I stopped taking it. I only took them for 3 days. That was such a waste of money. That was one of the worst decisions I ever made.

I stopped trying for awhile, I stopped caring. I liked food and food… well food likes everybody but secretly hated me (frenemy)… Then one day, I slipped getting out of the shower. My knee popped! I heard the pop and I felt the pop! I collapsed. I screamed. I woke my son up from his sleep. It felt like my knee disjointed or something. I never been in so much pain in my life. I limped around for a few weeks, and could barely walk at times. I felt like my knee would give way at any times. It could not support my weight. I was too heavy. That was a sad realization, but it was an eye opener for me. And boy did I need it. I decided I was ready for a change. But, it had to be at my pace. I wanted to be around for my young son for many years to come. Both my parents suffer from diabetes, and my grandmothers did too. I’ve seen that disease kill and cripple people I’m related to. I did not want to do that to my son. I didn’t want to be in a wheelchair, lose limbs, take insulin, get dialysis, be in the hospital, have neuropathy, and all the other complications and diseases that go along with diabetes. After all I’m an example for him. Right now, he’s at the age where he’s copying everything myself and husband do. I did not want him to eat the way I did and be overweight. I do not want him to be diabetic. I want him to be healthy. I’m not diabetic, but I was probably on my way. This was a very scarey realization for me. I need to be healthy for my son. He only gets one mother. Every time I look at him, I remember my goal. I need to take care of myself for him, to be his mother. To show him how to live healthy. To be a good example for him. I could not run around and chase him. Playing with him, I could barely sit on the floor comfortably. Every morning, when I  get him ready for the day- he gives me a great big hug. And there’s a mirror that we look into while hug- and I would see myself so big and he’s so small. I would just think, I shouldn’t be this big.

So, I decided if I wanted to change my lifestyle and my body then I had to really evaluate myself. I started with my portions. I also knew that if I wanted to lose weight I had to boost my metabolism. So I had to have breakfast, and I started taking B-12. I’m not very hungry in the morning, so I started drinking naked smoothies every day. And for those of you who don’t know- B-12 is a vital vitamin that a lot of people are lacking. And it boosts your metabolism. I also read about vitamin D- it helps with bone health, your immune system, and is particularly good for people who work indoors and don’t get to literally soak up the sun! And the best part about it? They get the vitamin D from Cod Liver Oil, & Soybean Oil… which help burn fat! It also helps you absorb calcium.

After a few weeks, I then decided,  that this was all good but… I wanted to go to the next level- and started making very small changes towards being more active. Then I saw some of my friends results of their Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge…I was sold! Almost, I researched it more online, and was astonished by all the results. I had to try it. People said it tasted like cake. People were losing weight without exercise. It was appealing… but was it all talk? I kept thinking to my friends photos on facebook… I knew them in real life. I knew they weren’t photoshopped or anything. So why wasn’t I doing this? I got a hold of my friend that reached out to me about the challenge. I told her I had to start.

These shakes are easy to make and taste good going down. I’m not hopped up on caffeine, I’m not eating for no reason, I feel so good. I have so much energy, I sleep better, I’m losing weight, and best of all – I can play with my son. I’m going to be around for a long time for him. That is my inspiration, and that keeps me going.

Now I’m on the challenge, and one week in I’m 9 pounds lighter. And I feel so excited, because I know this is only the beginning.

If you’ve never heard of the Body by Vi Challenge – visit my website.


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