It really is the small things…

Photo Apr 11, 7 23 39 AMI walk past this several times a day at work. There are other candy/goodie stations… First it was really tempting to me, now I don’t think twice. I also stopped keeping change/cash in my desk so I won’t be tempted to get snacks from the vending machine. There are some healthy choices in the vending machine due to a healthy incentive at work- but I know I’d go for peanut M&M’s and Coke… I’ve given up sweets, soda, most juice, caffeine, and my body is thanking me for it. This is something personal for me. I talked in my last post about why I started… I don’t want to be diabetic – I just don’t need to put those things in my body and I definitely don’t want my son to grow up on a junk food diet. I’m trying really hard to rid our fridge and cabinets of junk – but my husband is resisting change at the moment…

This morning, he told me he was proud of me with all the changes I’ve been making. And that makes me happy.

I woke up today at 4 AM, thanks to my son who was screaming!? Nightmare maybe? Anyway – when it was time to get ready for the day, I was super pumped! I’m not sure why – surely not just because it’s Friday… I think I’m just generally a happier person. Who knew I’d be happier without eating all the junk, and overeating? Food can’t fill my void. This general good feeling, energy, and motivation is way more satisfying and filling than food could ever be. How could I not have realized sooner, what exactly I was doing to my body!? You get what you put in. And I’m working my ass off (literally!) working out, increasing my physical activity and challenging myself with the Body by Vi challenge. But don’t think I don’t eat, because I do – I just put better things in. More fruits, more veggies, less carbs (although it’s hard for me to pass up “Taters Precious…”), more lean meats, more beans, etc- and I told you what I’m not putting in.  I’m changing my life by changing my lifestyle. Let’s just all make healthier choices, when you do – you’ll realize you’re so much happier without the junk!


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2 responses to “It really is the small things…”

  1. Adrienne Rodriguez says :

    Loved reading your blog thus far. Very inspirational! Good Job Noni!

    • naomisilas7 says :

      Thanks Dre! I’m glad I could inspire you! I’m trying really hard!! And staying positive despite everything that could possibly get me down. The hardest part was admitting, and starting.

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