Potatoes, on-again off-again

So let me just start by saying that yesterday was a bad day for me. Fitness, being healthy, getting in shape is about 80/90 MENTAL!!! The rest is physical. You can’t stay on track – if your mind isn’t right. Yesterday – my mind wasn’t right. I didn’t forget why I started, I lost control of my emotions and I let that effect the way I ate, slept, and everything else.

My husband had been wanting Steak and Mashed Potatoes all week – I told him I’d make it for him but since I’m not eating dinner – he said no. He’s been bummed about not eating dinner together. So I made this for lunch yesterday. The past two weeks we’ve been dinner like lunches and going light on dinner (on the weekends).  We ate, and I ate probably more than I should have. Then he got seconds, and I seriously considered eating more. I mean I stood there starting at the food for at least a minute – fighting the little thoughts in my head telling me I wanted more. My stomach was satisfied. It wasn’t growling. I was full – but I wanted to eat. For no other reason than, it tasted good. Finally I walked away and put my plate in the sink. About 15 minutes later my body felt so tired and sluggish. I ended up taking a 2 hour nap! I say “Potatoes, on-again off-again…” because my relationship with potatoes (or any other carbs) is like an on-again off-again relationship. You know that person that’s your “back up” that you’ll settle for if you never get married? The one you break up with and get back together with? It’s almost a good relationship except,  for that one thing… that either of you can’t get past or whatever it is. I was in one of these in college… and it felt really good to finally break it off. Anyway… Carbohydrates are like that. You love them, they taste good… but the problem with them? They aren’t good for you (like that guy I dated in college)… They burn off fast, creating sugar and you feel good for awhile then… you crash! (Just like that relationship). That’s what happened yesterday with these mashed potatoes. They tasted real good… but I crashed.

After we ran some errands, I realized what happened and I had to get back on track. I’m not saying I won’t ever eat Potatoes, just everything in moderation. That’s something I have to watch and control (not let it control me). I was working out at 10PM again – but I was glad I could make a mistake, learn from it and get right back up. Just because we stumble doesn’t mean we have to stop. We just need to keep moving our feet (like they say in the workout videos, I do). Keep MOVING! It’s really easy to stop. The right thing to do, isn’t always the easiest.

This morning I woke up had my shake with almond milk, ice, and 2 strawberries… and we are about to go for a hike. Stay Positive, and Keep Moving!


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