Pushing on

Yesterday was hard, so I felt like I had to make up for it today. We hiked up a hill, pretty early this morning. Then we came home and rested, & ate lunch.

Then we went to visit my husband’s good friend in the hospital. After, since we were in that area (South Bay)- we climbed Sand Dune Park (Manhattan Beach)- with our toddler in tow. Actually my husband carried him most of the way, and pretty much- went up with little trouble, and almost no sweat. I was kinda jealous. I was crawling at times…it was a bit like walking through watery snow!? (The force of water, but climbing through snow)… I know strange description.. I stopped twice and I’m sore all over! But I had to reach the top. I really have to visualize myself at the top. And once I got there I felt very accomplished! See the picture. Walking down was cake, it was like a backwards elliptical. I actually walked down halfway with my son in front of me (holding both of his hands with him walking/half lifting him in front of me), you know until he started asking for daddy to pick him up.

So my husband’s close friend is in the hospital and has been all week. I know this has shaken my husband. Seeing his friend – his age in the hospital hooked up to machines. He has high blood pressure and something is wrong with his kidneys ( I personally hope it’s not diabetes)… But he’s thinking more about nutrition. He says he’s in good shape (to carry a 33 lb toddler up a sand dune like nothing… um yeah!?) and he is – but he could be healthier. We’re having a lot of talks about nutrition and the science behind eating and simply what we put in our bodies. I told him I’m not gonna push him. He has to want this. Otherwise, he would start – but not continue, if the sole reason was to please me. But when your a parent- you have to plan to be around for your kids. So I’m at least glad he’s thinking about it.



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