Toddlers are funny!

We started hiking this hill close to our apartment. My husband and I help our toddler son walk up and down. But it’s a lot for him, and after awhile we have to carry him. But it’s funny because after we climbed up both holding his hands he decided he just wanted daddy to help him and let my hand go. So, I said fine, you don’t have to hold my hand but you can’t catch me- and I ran up the hill.

Needless to say- I was at the top waving and they were midway up and he got excited and walked a little faster. Going down the hill was just me holding both his hand with him walking in front of me. It was sort of like squatting all the way down coz of the steep slope and I was balancing for both of us. It was fun. I guess we’re sort of training for the Color Run the day after my 28th birthday. I’m pretty excited- even more so to do it with my family.



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