I seem to have hit a wall. I’m pretty firm at 272 lbs, it fluctuates between 271 & 271… I know it depends on the time of day and you know what’s in my stomach. I knew that I wouldn’t drop 9 pounds each week (even though you do kinda hope you will!)… I’ve been doing a lot of circuit training/cross training – so I think I need to do 2 days of just cardio. I need to find a good workout dvd- because I don’t have a gym membership and I can’t get one right now. Just because, I’m trying to keep a bedtime routine with my son and driving to and from the gym would cut out of my precious time at home. I really need to find an apartment complex with a gym! Or buy a rowing machine… I love rowing! OMG… I want one so bad!I could row all day!!

But anyway, I’m currently using 5 pound weights- I’m building muscle – and that weighs more… I need to get lighter weights and/or glove weights to use in my cross training instead. I know I’m losing inches. I just think I need to change it up. I’m rotating workout dvd’s between: Hip Hop Abs (a few different routines), Ripped in 30 week 1 (so not on week 2 yet), and 3 other boot camp dvd’s. I know I can’t get discouraged… I have to keep going.


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4 responses to “Teetering”

  1. Liezab says :

    You’re doing awesome! I could seriously row all day too. 😉
    Make sure you’re getting lots and lots of water, like a gallon a day. Seriously. And snack often – veggies and protein as much as you can.
    Keep up the great work. And when I was hitting my wall and plateauing, I focused on my measurements, not the scale. You’ve got this!

    • naomisilas7 says :

      Thanks Lieza! Yeah I have a 24 ounce cup – and I’m drinking about 3-4 a day but I guess I have to drink at least 5-6. I’m almost there. I’m not drinking any juice or pop or coffee- water gets a little boring.

      I’m going to measure myself tonight. I know I lost inches.

      Thanks again for the positive words!

  2. Jenn says :

    You’re awesome my Namie!! Keep it up and don’t get discouraged. KEEP GOING! I know you’re going to look amazing next time I see you. 🙂 I love you and am so proud.

    • naomisilas7 says :

      Thanks Jenn! I’m not feeling at all discouraged. I know anytime you try to do something good – there will be negativity to try to bring you down and pull you back to where you were. All I can say to that is Haters gonna Hate!!! I’m looking forward to seeing you, and know when we do – I’m going to be much more healthier than I was the last time we saw each other (mentally & physically). I love you too! And thanks for always cheering me on!! 🙂

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