Day Off

I didn’t take my lunchtime walk today, I didn’t workout, i didnt drink enough water, my eating schedule is completely off, and I’m completely and utterly exhausted! Why? Because I’m a mom, and my toddler is sick and I had to leave work, pick him up and take him to the ER. We spent 5 and a half hours there. One minute we were next, then 2 ambulances, 1 girl having seizures, and 1 bleeding head wound later we still weren’t next. I wish my son was the type of sick kid that slept and cuddled- but he was in pain! He was dehydrated, has the stomach flu, and was nauseated. He was refusing to eat or drink at daycare, and did not want to play or color- so not him. I had to put him first, he’s my baby. After we finally were seen- they gave him nausea medicine and he drank about 6 oz of pedialyte and fell asleep. A hour later we were discharged. Don’t you love the US Healthcare system?!

But I was most horrified about was that I saw a mother in the waiting room give her 2 year old coca-cola in a bottle. There were so many things wrong with that I just really had to bite my tounge. Then she was complaining that her daughter wouldn’t calm down, and that she was bad… Um yeah… You just gave her coke in a bottle… Great Parenting?!

Tomorrow- I weigh in and measure. I also have to make up for today.


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