Where did yesterday go?

You know the saying, “Time Flies”? I feel like yesterday was a dream. I was so insanely busy, I didn’t get to post. I don’t think I sat down and just took a minute or two to think. It was just “Go Go Go” (as I like to tell my son- so he says it too). Because my son needed rest, I stayed at home with him and I was fortunate enough to have a webex training scheduled that day (I’m currently a contractor – no work = no pay… among other things). So, juggling a sick toddler, and training in the morning wasn’t to bad. The occasional hug, refill of a cup, and diaper change it was pretty simple. Toddlers are so much easier than infants (I used to work from home when he was a newborn- 6 months)…

Then my training ended and it was time for my son’s nap. So I took that as my opportunity to work out, weigh and measure myself. Then my husband came home early from work. And I cleaned, fed my son lunch, and then we ran errands. Why does going to Costco take so long? Is it the samples? The sheer bigness? Or maybe it’s because you want to look at everything? Actually for me, I was a total scatter brain yesterday, maybe I was overloaded having not multitasked mom & work in a long time. Well like I mentioned in a previous post, when you buy in bulk you have to divide it. This trip was fruit, diapers and wipes. I look at the clock and suddenly it’s 8PM. So I ask my husband to help me with my Project 10 video. Project 10 is an incentive for the Body by Vi 90 Day challenge. You submit a video to the company saying you’re on the challenge and what it would mean for you to lose 10 pounds. Then after you lose 10 pounds, you submit a video saying/showing you lost it. You get a free t-shirt and are entered into a drawing to win $1,000. Every week 5 males and 5 females are picked. Pretty sweet. Also, because you lost 10 pounds a bag of shakes are donated to a child. This is Project 10 Kids – to help fight childhood hunger and obesity. I was waiting to post my measurements – because I was waiting for my photos and videos to upload to dropbox. So I will show a before and after photo later, with my measurements.

This morning, I woke up with the itchiest eyes… don’t you love seasonal allergies? It’s just something else I have to fight against.


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