Go! Go! Go!

Photo Apr 22, 10 17 48 AMYesterday I felt okay. We walked around UCLA, because I’d never seen the campus, and we kind of want to ingrain college in our son’s mind… is one and a half too young to think about college? We didn’t think so. We watch a little bit of a soccer game and some archers. Then we went home and rested and ate dinner. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten food at all – because my stomach started hurting again. But I tried to ignore it.

We went for a hike up a hill not too far from our apartment, to get in an extra workout. We had our toddler so it takes us awhile, because we want him to walk as much as he can. But our workout details are in the screenshot. The second time up the hill, my husband told me to go ahead while he walked with our son. And then I heard my son yell “Go! Go! Go!” I really have to record him saying this. And I was at the point I was ready to stop, and my husband said “Let your son be your motivation.” And I remembered why I started, for my son. And my husband then said, “Let’s cheer Mommy on!” “Go! Go! Go!” And that was my motivation to get to the top of the hill the second time.

I felt really good. That quickly went subsided by the pain in my stomach. I was up half the night being sick. I know… TMI. I still don’t feel good. I have been trying to eat things to help settle my stomach but it’s not really working.

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2 responses to “Go! Go! Go!”

  1. Ashley @ OurPersonalRecords says :

    Hope you feel better! Great job pushing through your walk!

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