Taking it easy

So I was looking at my son’s discharge papers again from the hospital because I was trying to figure out how to best treat myself… His diagnosis said he had “Traveler’s Diarrhea”, I looked it up and it’s caused by E. Coli!? I know it’s not something he ate, because we all would have gotten sick at the same time. I have no idea what he touched in order to get this. I try to wash his hands and use antibacterial gel/spray/wipes when we’re out just because he gets his hands on so much and then puts his hands in his mouth. Some things just can’t be avoided, I guess. I’m glad he’s okay, and it could have been worse. My husband also reminded me that the doctor said it was worse for adults… NO KIDDING!

Yesterday was probably the worst day. Saturday was bad because I had a lot of pain and cramping – it was the first day entering my system. And honestly yesterday – I was just trying to get rid of it!!! So I was eating whatever I could find that would somehow stop this or ease my pain (which unfortunately includes a lot of carbs). I was at the point of tears and was praying to God, that this bacteria would leave my body. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have insurance. Yeah, don’t be a contractor unless your spouse has insurance. But if you’re both contractors, I know how you feel. So, I’m taking it easy for today and tomorrow and hopefully on Thursday I can resume my eating/workout routine.

I also was trying to figure out how to get antibiotics without a prescription, and thought about going down to Mexico- but decided it wouldn’t be worth it because I’d either get sicker, ripped off or kidnapped.  I’m paranoid, but that shit happens they just don’t tell you about it on the news… plus I’m not fluent in Spanish. I came across several Canadian websites selling medicines but shipping was outrageous. Then I read an article about Fish Antibiotics, and how they are EXACTLY THE SAME as Human Antibiotics. Like no joke. Only Fish (some brands say Fish/Bird) but NOT any other animals. They just market it for fish. I should mention there are several forms of it- I’m referring to the capsules or tablets- the gels and powders would probably be hard to administer. I read a news report that it’s not widely publicized, but they tell soldiers about it. And that one soldier treated something with Fish Antibiotics. Also, some people are keeping some on hand for a survival kit. For a second, I really considered getting some- but at that point I realized the worst was probably over, and I was finally able to fall asleep. But I think I will get some for a first aid/survival/post apocalyptic/disaster kit. Because, hey you never know.   0


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2 responses to “Taking it easy”

  1. sheehanfitness says :

    I’ll pray for you and your son to feel better!

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