Sluggish. Swimming.

0402-dory-2So, my stomach is feeling better each day. But I’m feeling super sluggish. I believe that is my body’s response to what I’m eating. Toast, applesauce, bananas, soup, and potatoes. I’m tired of eating this, and I miss my Body by Vi Shakes. I’m going to start up again tomorrow, I think my stomach will be somewhat back to normal, without getting into to too much detail. Today my energy is low, and I just want to sleep. I’m not getting the nutrition that my body was getting accustomed to. I’m going to walk today at lunch, I’m not sure how long or fast. Today is my weigh/measure day. I’m not sure if I lost much weight, if I did it was because of this bacteria, because I didn’t work out Saturday, Monday or Tuesday. I’m a little nervous about stepping on the scale because, I had a bad week. But there’s nothing to do except to try to pick up where I left off and to “Just Keep Swimming… Swimming Swimming Swimming”

In other news, my contract at work ends May 17th, and it’s not going to be renewed and I’m not going to be hired full-time. So add the stress and worry of finding a job, and interviewing on top of everything else. I hate looking for work. Maybe it’s because you are constantly being judged. As a designer, your work is judged first – so you have to make sure your portfolio showcases you skills, talent, potential, creativity – all the while not being boring but being clean, simple and technically correct. It’s no simple task. I’ll of course have to update my portfolio with new work, and my resume with new skills. I’m mean don’t get me wrong- those are good things, but just a hoop to jump through. I have interactive iPad work, but I don’t own an iPad – that poses a problem. I can always bring my laptop – but it needs a new battery so I’ll have to plug it in – that looks messy. I’ve lost a lot of weight – I have to make sure my interview outfit, fits properly without being too big or too tight so I don’t look messy. My hair needs to be cut. All these things, not to mention things like rent,  the car payment and other bills I’m worried that we aren’t going to be able to pay or pay on time. It’s all just very stressful and I feel immense pressure. “Just Keep Swimming… Swimming Swimming Swimming”


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3 responses to “Sluggish. Swimming.”

  1. fitnerdz says :

    ” An optimist is one who sees opportunity in every difficulty” Abraham Lincoln

    Focus on one thing at a time, control it and recieved the results, with relaxed control, comfort will grow but only in time. You have much on your mind which increases your stress so just keep swimming and let the unimportant things linger behind.

    The only thing you can control in life is YOUR attitude! Keep a positive mindset, focus on what is before and always remember to stay moving , stay motivated and live YOUR LIFE!

    FitNerdz– AD

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