Trying to stay focused

Saturday was a good day. Sunday started good but ended horribly and yesterday I was trying to pick up the pieces. Things sometimes fall apart and spiral out of control. I hate arguing and feeling sad and on top of all that I feel so tired and I just want to eat. I know that food isn’t going to fill my holes or make me feel good. It makes me feel worse. The compulsive habit of overeating, is my enemy. This is my struggle and I have to remember why I started when I walk over to the fridge and open that door. I’m not just trying to lose weight, I’m trying to change my lifestyle and therefore my life. The past 2 days were filled with sadness, jury duty (standby), having my glasses broken, working on my resume and portfolio and yes eating. I did not overeat as far as portions but I ate too much and did not exercise yesterday. I’m over everything but I fell down and now it’s time to pick  myself up. But on the plus side – my abs are still killing me from Saturday’s workout!


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