You really are what you eat.

So have you ever thought about what we eat? I’m not talking about what tastes good or not or what you’re having for dinner… I’m talking about the processes that our food goes through to get to our plates. There are a lot of diets out there and not all of them are good for you. You need to know first that every body is different. We all metabolize food differently. For example: I could eat cake and ice cream every day and easily gain 15 + pounds, my husband on the other hand eats cake and ice cream everyday and gains nothing. A lot of this really boils down to genetic predisposition. If your family has a history of diabetes, stay away from sugar – high blood pressure, salt… etc.

Here’s a crazy thought, think about ancient civilizations… what did they eat? Is it the same things we eat today? No. It’s not, blame the industrial revolution. In order for food to have a “Shelf Life” preservatives are added, and chemicals and usually sodium. This is why frozen, canned, and all prepacked, precooked food has a lot of sodium. I mean I learned about the Pilgrims salting meat but this is more than meat- this is everything. I’ve known about this for a while. I was actually pretty good in college not eating prepackaged foods. I guess I was the Anti-college student and didn’t eat ramen. I had other vices, but whatever… The crazy thing about all of this? Is that the prepackaged and preserved food is waaaay cheaper than the stuff that has less of a shelf life and that is not processed. And really if you think about supply and demand, this is absurd! Because, let’s take a frozen breakfast sandwich for example… You have the egg that comes from the factory, the sausage that comes from the factory, and the biscuit that comes from the factory. In their pure states, they came from a farm. (egg, pig, wheat)… They all get processed and go from one machine to the next on factory to the next, each step adding preservatives to get to the next step, also adding cost. So this box of frozen biscuits should cost like $20+ but instead they are $11 so you buy them. You think it’s a deal. If you buy a carton of eggs $3, sausage $3, buy biscuits $4 (making them from scratch is cheaper and healthier but I’m trying to make a point)… add it up you get $10 about the same price, but you don’t get the preservatives and you have extra ingredients for other things.

I get it though, we live in a society that pays for convenience. Everything needs to be bigger, better, faster and stronger. That’s why we have genetically modified food, that’s why we have preservatives in our food, that’s why we have super sized fast food meals.

There are healthy choices out there. There is the raw food diet, eating clean, and eating organic. Eating organic can be expensive, raw food is eating everything in a raw state (not a lot of meat in this one)… and then there’s eating clean. We are trying to adapt this one at home. Eating food with 6 ingredients or less and if you can’t pronounce it- don’t eat it… I already started making some changes in the groceries. My husband had a slight fit when I replaced the margarine with butter… Anything that is an imitation – just buy the real thing. I honestly would get margarine not because of the taste but because of the price. My husband liked it because he could spread it. I told him I’d buy some whipped butter (or I could whip it myself)… I have to try to lower my cholesterol, and the margarine wasn’t helping. I’m trying to find the best oil to replace vegetable oil with – I try not to eat anything fried and I mostly cook with olive oil- but for the sake of my husband and son I’d like to have a healthier oil. Also, whole wheat pasta, regular pasta is stripped and so are the nutrients for the sake of preservation this is the same case as brown rice and whole wheat bread. Also I must add that check the ingredients if wheat isn’t the first ingredient- it’s not whole wheat. Think about it, these chemicals and imitation ingredients didn’t exist before and our bodies weren’t made to break these down. So they metabolize as fat, cholesterol, and sugar. That’s why people are obese, diabetic, have cancer, high blood pressure and have high cholesterol. Because of what we are putting in our bodies. We can choose to make better choices.552460_541462249201740_1928365349_n


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7 responses to “You really are what you eat.”

  1. Becoming the Best Me says :

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    Love this! I am on a very slow journey to clean eating 🙂

  2. Becoming the Best Me says :

    Where did you get the chart from?

    • naomisilas7 says :

      A google search “Healthy Eating”… The chart has a source of Produce for Better Health Foundation. Dole Food Company. Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Oregon State University “Understanding Free Radicals and Antioxidants”.

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