Super Sore!!

I worked very hard this weekend, and I am super sore. My back muscles, obliques, quads, hamstrings, shoulders, calves… sore! Pretty much my entire body! Saturday I did Hip Hop Abs, Total Body Burn, with weights… um yeah!! Well, I’ve been working on  my form, the past few days- because the first month of working out – I was basically working on endurance. I was really losing weight from any type of physical activity and my calorie intake. Now, that I can actually do these exercises, I’m trying to control my muscles and do them properly and efficiently – and it’s working! Before I wouldn’t feel the slow burn I was supposed to be feeling. I’ve built a lot of muscles! I think the proof is in the inches that I’ve lost. I’ve tried on a few pairs of pants and shirts that I couldn’t fit into previously and they fit! I’ll have interview clothes! I still need to have them tailored, because the legs are too long (pants)… I must say that even though this past month has been a struggle, I’m very proud of myself for sticking with this and not giving up. I really can not go back to the way I used to be. I’ve come too far.

Sunday we went for a hike. It was about 2 miles. My son slowed us down. We took turns carrying him the way back… all 33 lbs of him. We need to invest in a Jogging stroller. I  can’t expect him to walk a mile and not get grumpy. Below is our Map My Walk screenshot. Apparently I completed 2 courses in that app that day. I got 1 point. I might look up the courses around where we live and try to complete them. I’m not sure what the points are for… but I like getting points! +1!

Today, I did not walk, I forgot my shoes and jacket and it is raining. That’s Monday for ya! I’m going to workout tonight though. I’ve been craving chocolate like crazy!!! I’m gonna have to make a chocolate Vi Shake for dinner. I needed to rest a little bit anyway, although walking would’ve been a good stretch. I think I might try and do some yoga one of these days that I rest.

Photo May 05, 12 45 33 PM

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