Mothers Day Weekend.

This weekend was good. Although I did not workout like I should have. Saturday I was resting, because I was too sore from last week. My muscles really needed to repair- I worked them hard!!! I could barely move my right shoulder. I really need to buy a yoga workout or something. So instead I cleaned and danced with my son. Saturday was extremely productive. We also walked around Ontario Mills a few times, shopping but I didn’t track it. I started to stress a little bit about today. I have 2 interviews lined up, plus I’m working (half day). I had to get my references, resume, and portfolio all set. And thank goodness I checked on Saturday- my portfolio was the wrong size for printing. Why did I change the size? and When did I do that? It was dumb. I had to get my clothes ready. Also, just nervous… and thinking because if I get 1 of the jobs- we would have to move pretty soon. So just over-thinking probably.
Mothers Day was good. I probably should have worked out yesterday… but I didn’t want to shower twice? Yeah lazy. lol… We were going to my Mother-in-laws to swim, and I knew I was going to shower later – I didn’t want to dry out my skin/eczema because of my interviews today. I’m leaving around 11:45/noon so I’m not going to walk today, but I have to go hard tonight when I get home. It was my son’s first time in a pool. He loved it! He wanted to go back in after we were already out. So I’m looking forward to a summer full of swimming. We all got swimsuits this weekend. Boys are easy they just need shorts- it took me awhile. I got some short bottoms, and I’m foreseeing that I will need new bottoms before the end of summer. Because when I lose 5+ lbs they will totally fall down.

I did stick to my eating plan though so I’m good there. Wish me luck!! I’ll try not to be too nervous.


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5 responses to “Mothers Day Weekend.”

  1. Becoming the Best Me says :

    Good luck! Remember to breathe! It always kept me from panicking LOL

  2. Liezab says :

    Good luck, Naomi! I know you got this!!! And great job on sticking to your food plan. Sometimes that’s the hardest part. 🙂

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