Day 1… unemployed.

So, I’m very bored… and all I want to do is eat. This sucks. I don’t know how people stay at home all day. I did 1 workout today so far (Hip Hop Abs, Hips Buns and Thighs), and am planning to do something else probably soon. Because I’m bored. I’d take my son out for a walk, but we are in the IE, and I’m so used to breezy OC… We went out yesterday and I’m so sunburnt! Plus the area we live in isn’t very safe- I’m thinking of walking to the mall or something though. Not sure yet, maybe when it’s not 100 degrees! Definitely gonna have to be before 11 AM- I had a Skype interview with Creative Circle- so it couldn’t have been today. I just had some watermelon. I hate it when I buy seedless, but it has seeds in it. I’m kind of rambling. I feel like I need a conversation with an adult? My son is making his way talking- but sometimes communication between us is hard- and his skills doesn’t exactly make him the conversationalist I need at times… but when he gets there- we are in business! But I guess that’s when kids lose all interest in their parents!? le sigh…

I applied for jobs, unemployment and foods stamps today. yay me?!? SMH The hardest part about today- is battling the urge to eat. That refrigerator stares at me, and tells me to eat. GAHHH!!!! I also, don’t like being in this situation. I need to find a job ASAP!


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