Unemployed…. Day 2

I must admit, it feels good not to be in a rush to do anything… and I’m enjoying spending all day with my son. I get to see all his new dances, and hug and kiss him all day. I guess I needed a break. But I know I’ll soon feel pressure and stress, because reality will sink in that this week is my last check- and I really don’t know exactly how we are going to make it. I guess there’s always things to sell. I sold most of my jewelry already when we hit a rough patch and my husband was out of work for a little over a month (February/March)… oh well!

On the up side, I now have time to experiment with new Body by Vi shake recipes. This morning, I made a mango, soy milk and water. Yummy! not too sweet- and a very mild mango flavor – sort of like a mango lassi but not quite… I really want Indian food. damn. sounds amazingly delicious- always.

In other news, my sunburn is still slightly stinging (my shoulders and the back of my neck)… but it’s doing much better – I think that my temperature is still hot though.  Not sure what workout I’ll do today. But I’m definitely ordering a yoga workout this week. (Amazon – I get dvd’s for less than $8)… that’s my splurge – big spender right?

Also, I just want to let you know that I’m sorry for the level of writing- I know my earlier posts were much more informative, thought provoking, witty, motivated, and generally sounded more educated and fun to read… The downgrade in writing skills is probably due to my scatter-brained… brain. lo siento mucho.


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