Memorial Day HIke

We spent our memorial day hiking in Griffith Park. It was amazing! It was a perfect temperature, and the views are so breathtaking. It was a pretty clear day. The only problem we had was my son got tired and whiny. But, toddlers do that, and we need a jogging stroller or just leave him with grandma next time. We did see a snake though, it was crossing the trail. Don’t worry we kept our distance. If anyone knows what kind of snake it was, I’d appreciate it. I know rattlesnakes are up there, but we didn’t hear a rattle.

Photo May 27, 3 55 34 PM Photo May 28, 6 34 28 AM

Photo May 27, 4 44 14 PM

Good News, I weighed myself today and I’m 257 lbs!! I’m down another 3lbs!!! That makes 29 lbs since March 28th!! WOO HOO!!! I really have been working hard this past week, although I took Saturday and Sunday off, and did do some snacking on not healthy things (Flamin’ Hots and I had a Coke or 2…) But I knew that I deserved a treat, so I really don’t feel bad – But I didn’t think I lost that much weight! I’m so stoked!!! YES!!! AHHH!!! I’m gonna take a video of this pair of work pants that are huge on me- I was busting out of them before I started losing weight.


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