25 lbs lighter today

I feel like I just passed the 20 lbs notch!? But yes!!! I’m down another 5lbs!!! The weight is melting off of me!! AND I LOVE IT!!! Note this is 25 lbs exclusively from my Body By Vi Challenge!!! But since I’ve started this blog I’ve lost 31 lbs! (+6 to my BBV results)…


So I know I haven’t been posting as frequently, and I’m sorry about that. Things have been hectic. But, I’ve done my best to stick with my lifestyle changes.


I drink my shakes, and I haven’t worked out every single day this week, but the days I do – I go hard and sometimes twice. I feel so much better!! Sometimes I think about where I started, and where I would be headed if I didn’t start- and I’m in awe. Something that is so crazy? Breathing is easier!!!! Breathing is something our bodies just do, naturally. And until I lost this weight, I didn’t realize the toll it was taking on me and how hard my body was working to just, breathe.  Sorry body!!! I hope you forgive me!! 🙂

I have a new goal. By the end of my 1st 90 Day Challenge (July 1, 2013) lose a total of 33lbs. That is my almost 2 year old’s weight. Obviously more will be appreciated.

So, I’ve prepared a video to show some progress. Enjoy!


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