My Son’s Birth Story.

I was already obese when I got pregnant. I don’t know the exact number, but I was around 230lbs. I did my best to eat healthy and not gain weight. I drank a lot of bottled water and tried not to give in to cravings. My husband has a really bad sweet tooth (as I’ve blogged about before) and he would share his sweets with me- because “The baby wanted some” his words not mine- but I didn’t say no to the spoonfuls of ice cream he fed me or the doughnuts he brought home. I hate doughnuts! But I loved them when I was pregnant! I would absolutely dread every doctors, WIC, and nutritionist appointment because they all basically said I was “overweight”. My attitude at the time was, “tell me something I don’t know”. I had a lot of swelling. Like tons!!! Even though I drank like 8 glasses/bottles of water a day. The scale continued to climb. I eventually started refusing the ice cream and doughnuts because I felt horrible! I had to hear how much harm I might be doing to my baby and how he might not be healthy because I’m fat. No other reason than that. I didn’t have a diabetic pregnancy. Which I was very grateful for. I was however diagnosed with preeclampsia late in my second trimester.

I was over 300lbs. I had insane swelling in my face, feet, legs, my blood pressure was though the roof! and I had protein in my urine. Here’s a picture of my foot when I was 2 months away from my due date. My shoe size was an 8.5 but my feet and ankles were so swollen – I was wearing a size 10 and I couldn’t really wear shoes other than flip flops. My legs would hurt from the swelling and I had almost no relief. I had a desk job- and at the time I was taking the train and bus to work because we didn’t have a car. So I was sitting for long periods of time. I got very little exercise because I was so tired all the time.

Photo Aug 19, 12 32 25 PM

And here’s the only picture I have of myself pregnant with my son.

Photo Aug 11, 3 39 09 PM

A month after I took this picture, I was supposed to start having my weekly doctor appointments – because I was a month away from my due date. I went in for my doctor’s appointment and my doctor said that “I’m surprised you’re standing right now”. She told me to get to the hospital as soon as possible. The nurses stressed this as well, one of them said something along the lines of- How are you alive? My blood pressure was so high, they were worried that I’d have a stoke or heart attack! I believe it was something like 160/100. Which is horrible. I was already dilated 2 cm. My doctor said that they will observe me overnight, and they might induce if the on call doctor thinks it’s wise. During pregnancy high blood pressure is only bad for the mom, not the baby. That night at midnight- I was induced. I was doing pretty good except for being hooked up to so many machines and not being able to move.

Photo Sep 21, 1 23 21 PM

I never want to be in this position again.  I wanted to have a natural birth. I took labor and delivery classes and I couldn’t even apply what I learned because I was hooked up to so many machines! I stopped dilating around 7 cm, and my water broke around 5 cm (around noon)…

After being stuck at 7 cm for several hours, I was told that I would have to have an emergency C-Section if I continued like this. And close to midnight – I was prepped for my C-Section. That was the last thing I wanted but it was best for my baby. And in the end- that’s all that mattered to me. My son was born close to 1 AM on September 22, 2011. I’ve never been so in love with anything or anyone before. He was a healthy premature baby- he was born a month early. But he was well developed, and strong. But he didn’t have that last month to gain baby fat- so he was really skinny you could see all his baby muscles- he was born with a 6-pack and he always looked like he was flexing his muscles. A few hours after I had him, the morning shift nurse came to check on me, and apparently the medication that was helping lower my blood pressure was still dripping in my IV, the night shift nurse was supposed to turn this off. No one knew until my eyes started to roll back and I almost lost consciousness. There was a lot of beeping because my blood pressure was too low- the nurse pulled the IV out of the stint in my hand. They had to give my son formula because I couldn’t breastfeed for awhile. They also wanted to give me a blood transfusion, but I refused it because I heard so many horror stories recently on the news (contracting HIV through blood transfusions). I had some extreme ups and downs within 3 days.

If I have 1 goal for my next pregnancy and birth – it’s for me to be in the best health and shape I can be in so that I don’t have such a hard time.

Once my body was healing – I lost a lot of water weight, and of course the weight from my baby, the placenta, afterbirth things like that. I had actually only gained about 15 lbs of fat during my pregnancy- which isn’t bad. Eating right and drinking enough water did work- I didn’t gain as much as I thought. I breastfed my son for awhile, but I stopped around 2 months for very selfish reasons. I wasn’t drinking enough water, and I was not eating right. I wasn’t in the mindset I am in right now. I felt like I had been dieting for months- denying myself things I wanted- and so I gorged myself on fast food, and junk- things that were not good for my baby. So I switched him to formula so I could continue my unhealthy eating habits. This is where I gained about 50 lbs and bringing my weight up to 286+ lbs.

If you want to make changes in your life- you have to ready and open to making them. I didn’t want this before. Even though I needed it. I could have avoided a lot of my pregnancy complications if I lost more weight before I got pregnant. So, even though doctors can be annoying if they tell you to lose weight… they are doctors for a reason. I could have had some serious complications even died from my blood pressure- being so high. I might not have even been around to see my son grow up. I’m very grateful that I’m here now, and I’m making a change to be able to be around for him for a long time. He’s the reason why I’m on this journey. I have to be his example.

FYI- Something that I  learned a few months ago. Check the labels of your bottled water. Don’t buy bottled water that has “Minerals for taste” or that have Sodium or Salt on the list of ingredients. Water should ONLY have WATER in it. I made that mistake during my pregnancy. That extra salt/sodium was contributing to my high blood pressure as well as my bloating/swelling. Minerals for taste on water- is usually sodium. This is added as a preservative. Gross, huh?


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4 responses to “My Son’s Birth Story.”

  1. Emily Hamilton says :

    Oh my gosh Naomi! I had no idea you had such a hard time during your pregnancy! I am so happy that you and your son are healthier now!!!!! It’s so great to see you making healthier choices, and losing weight on your diet! You are a fighter, and always have been! Way to go Naomi! ❤

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