Proud of Myself

Yesterday, I did Hip Hop Abs Fat Burning Cardio Level 2 during my sons nap. Which wore me out! Then my husband got home a little earlier than usual from work- and we decided to go for a family hike… We went to Mt. Hollywood and tried to catch the sunset. We were literally chasing daylight! This also meant that  my husband carried my son most of the way- because his toddler legs can’t keep up with our adult legs. Heck! I can barely keep up with my husband! (He’s 6″6′!)…

We saw some amazing views of LA and the Hollywood sign on our way up. But even though sunset is around 8PM- at the summit- there were a lot of misty clouds rolling in. So we missed the sunset. Now we know the sun ducks behind the hill the Hollywood sign in on. We might do a different trail next time.

Photo Jun 05, 8 05 04 PM

So this brings me to the point of me being super proud of myself! We beat our time by 30 mins! Of course- most of that was due to my son being carried. The other part was (which is also kind of funny)… It was getting dark on the way down. Like almost full on night time. And we were again chasing daylight- because these trails have no lights on them- and there is a lot of wildlife in these mountains. Needless to say, walking downhill is always a little faster- and with my husbands long strides… I was jogging to keep up with him and to catch up at certain points. And I am so glad he carried our son because we encountered a coyote on the trail! Hopefully we scared it with our loud noises and that’s why it retreated back into the forest!!! We were nearing the end of our hike, anyway. My husband said push it- and yeah I ran to the end. Pretty proud of myself. I did 2 really impactful and hard workouts yesterday. So today, today is Yoga. I have to stretch out all my muscles. I’m so sore right now!!! But that’s a good thing! 😀

Definitely worth it!

Photo Jun 05, 8 40 47 PM


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