Sunday’s Hike

Sunday, my family and I spent the day in Griffith Park. We BBQed, played with our son, and we even rode on the Merry Go Round, and oh yeah… we hiked. We love to hike in Griffith Park. My son likes to be outside (he says outkyde)… and my husband and I love the views and the workout. There’s something really relaxing about being so close to nature. The views are absolutely breathtaking. You can see the entire city of LA, the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory, and so many trails and mountains.

I love hiking because it’s a total body workout. My son gets carried by my husband mostly. He gets tired pretty fast hiking. If I get tired fast I know his little toddler legs and body does. This Sunday we started at a different point that crossed paths with the normal path trail we usually take (Mt. Hollywood)… So we went to the peak of Mt. Hollywood – there’s a nice area to sit and take a break at the summit. We packed a backpack with snacks and drinks. I offered to carry it- but my husband said no, even though he had our son. So… here his is with like 40 extra pounds… and I’m not carrying anything. I don’t know I guess he thought I would fall or something? The new trail that we started at was steep and narrow! So needless to say- we did not let our toddler walk that. It was very uneven and I must say that my knee popped on our way up. Ever since I hyper-extended it in February… it occasionally pops. I sat on a rock and gave it a minute to finish spasming. My husband asked if I wanted to turn back. I said no, because it does it sometimes when I’m just walking or when I’m working out. I did not want to turn back. My knee didn’t hurt at all. I think that my shoes are too big right now. Maybe I need a half size smaller- I lost weight in my feet. The only thing I can think of- is that maybe my footing wasn’t right and maybe my foot slipped? Either way I think I need about a half size smaller shoes.

But no matter what, losing weight will only help the stress that I’ve been putting on my knees. And the muscle I build, will only help support my knees.

My knee did stiffen up on the ride home. So that meant yoga yesterday. The Yoga was well deserved. After a hike, my whole body is sore. The only thing I can compare it to is being in a car accident- your whole body is sore (not the bruises/any other trauma/injuries)… It’s so physical. So, I totally messed up my Mapmywalk recording Sunday!! When we took our first break- I accidentally stopped it, and then I didn’t pause it when we got to the summit and took our 20 minute break. So I have 2 screenshots, and all the numbers are off. But we hiked close to 3 miles.

Photo Jun 10, 11 28 18 AM Photo Jun 10, 11 28 24 AM


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