Setting Goals & Reaching them

I can honestly say that I was never much of a goal setter in my life. Even with my first 90 Day Challenge. I set an overall weight loss goal of 150 lbs… but for a smaller short term goal I didn’t set one until about a month ago. That goal was to lose my son’s current weight, 33 lbs in my first Challenge.

I guess I thought not setting goals would make for less disappointment and less heartache. But I guess I never knew what achieving a goal would feel like. And that is a disappointment in itself. I’m setting some goals for my life starting now. These are things I want to do and things I should do and secrets I rarely talk about. Not all of which are fitness related. But I’m gonna put them out there. I’ll start with some short term goals.

First for my final weeks of my first 90 Day Challenge, I’d like to surpass my goal of -33lbs and lose 40 lbs! My current weight is 250 lbs so I only have 10 more pounds to go!!!

Secondly, This is something I am ashamed to admit… I’ve never had my drivers license. No one taught me how to drive, and I’ve held learners permits in 3 states. This happened for lots of reasons, I was scared, didn’t have help, or a car to learn on, and I’ve put this off and made excuses for too long. I’m going to turn 28 this month and I’m proud to say that I WILL accomplish this- this year. I’m a married woman with a son, and we have 2 cars now- I’m out of excuses and also I’m ready. I’ve been practicing and my wonderful husband has had so much patience and I owe this to myself and to him. This will also open up my job search because I won’t have to rely on “Carpooling” with him (unless I want to)…

My next goal is my goal for my second 90 Day Challenge- I’ll be starting on July 2nd. My goal for that Challenge is to lose enough weight to be under 200 lbs. So that will be about another 40 lbs. When I meet my goal of 40 lbs for this current Challenge.

The next few goals are in no particular order but just things I’ve been wanting to do that I just didn’t know how to do. I guess you could say these are on my “Bucket List”.

Swimming. I don’t know how to swim. But I love water (Especially Rafting)… But I don’t know how to swim. I think this is vital because I plan on spending lots of time in the pool, ocean, and rivers. I would love to have a family White Water Rafting Vacation. I want my son to swim, and my husband knows how so- it’s only natural for me to learn. Also- if my son was ever in any danger, how could I help him if I can’t swim!?

Surfing. I’m not talking about Pipe Masters here… but I’d love to try surfing. But it requires being a strong swimmer and I’d have to learn how to swim first. But I’ve always been enamored with surfing.

A Handstand and a Flip. I never learned, and I’ve never had the upper body strength for this. I plan to work on that because I’d love to do this with my son or even teach him. I guess I want what every parent wants for their children. To do the things that we couldn’t, weren’t allowed to do, couldn’t afford, or have.

Capoeira. Handstands and flips would be a prerequisite for this- or I could learn them at the same time. For some reason, I’ve always felt a connection to the Brazilian culture. Maybe because it’s very mixed and you really can’t tell or identify with just one race. People have always asked me “What are you” “What’s your nationality” “What’s your ethnicity” “What’s your race”… for the most part my heritage is Mexican but I’m 4th or 5th generation American, and our family has mixed… I also grew up around 90+% black people so I can identify with them. I feel very mixed and my son is mixed… I think he’ll identify with being Black and Latin American- Latinos are Mixed. I could be Brazilian! 😀 lol But seriously the music, the tradition and the coolness Capoeira has been beckoning me for so long. I need to answer the call. I was just never fit enough to do it. I won’t have that excuse much longer.

Run a Marathon. I come from a family of marathon runners. I’d like to do this just once. Hopefully within the next 5 years or by the time I’m 35!

Get my passport and travel to a different country!! I’d love to go to South America, Central America, Europe, Japan, and Australia… I’d love for us to have exciting and eye-opening family vacations. I was fortunate enough to have road trips growing up, but I guess I want to take that to the next level for my son. But I’d love to own a camper and go for a road trip! It beats a wagon or minivan any day!

My last long term goal for now is simple. Own a Home. I’m sure it’ll be a fixer-upper because that’s just my husband and my style. But I’d love to provide a stable environment for my son. Also, it’s getting harder to own a home in these economic times – so it’s something we are working towards. We are really trying to fix our credit in order to do this. Stable and good paying jobs are also on the list in order to accomplish this goal.

I’ve come to the realization, that wanting things in life and for yourself isn’t selfish. Setting and accomplishing goals is very satisfying. It’s okay that I want and do things for myself. I don’t think I saw much examples of this growing up. My parents rarely did things for themselves. They had 7 kids, so they did a lot for us. I don’t think it was until we were much older and could fend for ourselves did they start taking trips and buying themselves new cars. Lol… but I want my son to see that you can do things for yourself without having to sacrifice needs and wants for your family.


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