Golden Birthday

Today was a very golden birthday! I turned 28 on the 28th so that’s what makes it golden!!! I’ve been having a troublesome 2 weeks, and although I haven’t gained any weight I’ve hit a Plateau. Which isn’t the worst thing in the world… But I’m grateful because there were a few days when I fell back into some bad eating habits and I did not exercise everyday. So that could’ve been worse. I’ve been depressed, stuck in the house and stressed about money- which made me eat… To top it all off my husband and I got into a pretty nasty argument- or rather misunderstanding and words were exchanged… But at the end of the day we worked it out.

This morning my family and I went hiking (including my wonderful step daughter! ) we went early enough but got caught in famous LA traffic… We tried to beat the heat up MT Hollywood but, alas the sun won! It was about 80 degrees on the way up and close to 90 on the way down, some nice breezes but very little shade- we were in direct sunlight. To make things worse, my knee popped! And it’s probably because I haven’t been working out regularly! My fault, no one else to blame… And the cherry on top- I was so worried about the kids staying cool and hydrated- I didn’t get enough water (shared my bottle with everyone) and was sweating at an alarming rate – I nearly passed out. We still had a Gatorade so I drank most of that. I was pretty dehydrated. I guess I scared everyone… I was pouring water into my sons cup and I just dropped it and I don’t remember doing it but my head felt disconnected… So we rested a bit more of the way down since it was heating up fast. I was never so happy to finish!

We headed home, everyone napped in the car except my husband who was driving… Then we went to my mother-in-laws and had lunch and went swimming. And I was really surprised with cake and a coconut cream pie (just for me- but I shared!!) haha!!!
It was a really awesome day! I feel very loved! Now we are at home chillin in the ac, coz it’s 100 degrees outside!


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