My first 90 Day Challenge

Monday July 1, 2013 marked the last day of my 1st Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge.

I had a bad last 3 weeks. I’ve been really depressed and been struggling finding my motivation and drive. I found some of it with my new Nike+ Fuelband, and it’s very rewarding seeing these before and after pictures side by side. I can’t believe how my back looks!!! And I am starting to have definition in my legs and butt!! This is great for me to see! My family and I have been pretty active the last few days, and tomorrow we are planning to go hiking.

When I think about all the progress I’ve made, I am very proud of myself. April 1, 2013 I could not even walk up 1 flight of stairs to my apartment without stopping to catch my breath. Breathing was literally hard for me to do. 90 days ago I could not chase my son around the park. 90 days ago I was busting out of my clothes, and now they are falling off of me. I’m looking forward to accomplish even more in my next 90 days.

Here are my results.


I started my second 90 Day Challenge on July 2, 2013 and my goal is to get under 200 lbs. I still have a lot of work to do, on my arms and legs in particular. Every day, I get closer to my goal of losing 150 lbs.


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