Nike+ Fuelband Review

So, I’ve had my Nike+ Fuelband for about a week now. I do love it. However, I’m disappointed that it doesn’t have a heart monitor. Also, it’s interesting to see how many calories I burn with my day to day activities. Although – I realize that it is somewhat inaccurate. I mean, if I compare the numbers for my MapMyWalk app for calories burned on a hike in Griffith Park to the amount of calories my Nike+ Fuelband says I burned – the Fuelband is about half the number the MapMyWalk app says. I’ll take the number from my MapMyWalk because that does GPS, and also the pace, and altitude – plus I set it for hiking. Although neither know when I give my almost 2 year old a piggyback ride for a quarter of a mile. If I don’t move my left arm- my Nike+ Fuelband doesn’t record anything. Meaning if I slowed down and have my hands resting on my hips- I might as well be napping! or If I’m walking but holding my toddler’s hand with my left (arm I wear my fuelband on) it records NADA! Also, it records very little for yoga, but the Nike+ website says that anyway.

All in all, I think I’m going to keep it – mostly because it motivates me to move and it does do a good job recording information for my at home workouts which is really what I wanted in the first place. Although, it has a very more accurate pedometer than the apps I’ve tried on my phone.

I’ve even used a shaker weight while watching TV to meet my Nike+ Fuel Goal for the day! Also, it’s a visual reminder of just how many calories I burned during the day – so I’ll avoid extra snacking (I mean how many calories did I burn today, really!?) I’m about to do my workout for the day (my son is napping) and I’ve only burned 224 calories so far!

I think the solution for tracking my heart rate while hiking – is to go MVP with my MapMyWalk.


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