Sauce on the side

I’m writing this as my almost 2 year old son, eats his lunch. Without Ketchup. This is huge for me. I think it starts at a young age. Adding dipping sauces and cheese to food. Moms will do anything to get our kids to eat, and to eat healthy. But I’m sure you’ve had broccoli with cheddar or cheese sauce- we all have, it tastes good. But with that broccoli cooked down so much and all the calories you’ve added with the cheese- is it still healthy? Probably not.

Have you looked at the serving sizes on the labels of your ketchup or syrup? Does anyone even measure condiments? I know I never did. My point is, these calories add up. And if we’re eating a salad, or even a grilled chicken sandwich and we add dressing, or mayonnaise or ketchup – we’re not only adding calories, but sugar, oil and fat. There are healthy alternatives, and you don’t have to go plain- you can always ask (if you are out to eat) for that sauce on the side, so you can control what you’re adding. I don’t think it’s something we think about on a day to day basis. I know I didn’t think twice when I would give my son ketchup, ranch or bbq sauce to dip. My husband and I have talked and we don’t want to do that to our son. It’s a bad habit that can be avoided, he doesn’t need extra calories either. Let’s not get started on obesity in children (that would be a whole other blog post).

You will also want to be careful how you prepare your food, too. Shrimp scampi might be delicious with lots of butter, but your adding tons of calories that’s just taking away from any nutritional value. Also high sodium in things like tomato sauce, and soy sauce can be damaging as well. Opt for lite soy sauce or no salt added tomato sauce.

You may also want to try adding more seasonings to food (and that doesn’t mean salt!)… I mean things like cumin, different peppers, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, paprika and nutmeg- for example. You should steer clear of pre-mixed seasonings because they can sometimes be high in salt – like taco seasoning. I usually skip taco seasoning and instead use pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, oregano, and some paprika and little salt. The point is- you want to be in control of what you are adding to your food.

I just hope to raise awareness. Check serving sizes and check your nutrition labels. Kids or adults trying to get healthy don’t need all the extras in sauce. If you think about it, I’m sure we all have bad eating habits that we developed as young children. I’m glad my husband and I decided to start this now.


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2 responses to “Sauce on the side”

  1. Jenn says :

    I’ve never looked at how many calories are in ketchup! I suppose I just assumed that it wasn’t bad, because it’s… ketchup. Ranch on the other hand… I stopped eating that a few years ago when I became aware of how horrible it is for you… a small dipping cup of it is 100 calories. Yeah, no thanks. Now when I see people eating otherwise great looking healthy salads, smothered in ranch, it makes me cringe.

    You’re smart for getting Christian’s habits on the right track at a young age! Love ya.

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