Changing for yourself

It’s very important for me to share this. Never change for anyone but yourself. There’s a little bit of a back story to this…

I’ve dated people in college and after college before I met my husband. And these guys either asked or told me to loose weight, wear or not wear makeup or even to have my hair a certain way.

I say this because, I’m so happy that my husband loves me for me and has never asked me to change anything about myself. He only wants me to be happy. I love him so much for just that.

I got my hair cut on Sunday, and before I left I was a little concerned. I knew I wanted to go short, because I like how I feel and look with short hair. He’s only ever seen me with long hair. He liked my long hair, but he told me whatever makes me happy. I have an ex who said he would break up with me if I cut my hair and didn’t have it long. Seriously? This is why I say only change for yourself. Never try to fit into anyone else’s mold, or what someone wants you to be. Change for no one but yourself. If that person truly loves you- they won’t care. My husband has been by my side while I gained weight, and while I’m losing weight and getting healthy- loving me along the way. I’m very happy that I’m getting healthy for myself. This was a decision I made myself, no one asked or told me to. It’s one way to stick to something- when you really want something.

By the way, my husband absolutely loves my haircut!



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