New Routine

So, I’m trying to figure out a new workout routine and a new eating schedule. Lets also try to include- sleep and spending time with my family. I didn’t even weigh myself or measure this Tuesday. I didn’t have time to step on a scale! I was running out the house in the morning. Oh yeah- traffic sucks balls! I’ll be happy when Things settle down. I haven’t found my grove yet. I’m joining the gym at work. Only $3 a week! This will come in handy on my lunch breaks… Right now I just go and sit in my car… Not real exciting, huh? I’m sort of intimidated my the amount of people that work here… The cafeteria reminds me of a high school one for some reason… I spent my lunch in the library in high school… Me = anti-social? Right now… I’m glad it’s Wednesday… I’m working for the weekend! I miss my little stinker! I love the hugs and kisses I get when I walk in the door at home though… I know he misses me too.


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