Getting it right, with research

So you know those eureka moments you have in life, where you’ve totally figured something out!? I had one of those yesterday and I have to share it with the world (that’s where my blog comes in).

I figured out why I have been so tired!!! My husband thought I was depressed, I thought I was in the early stages of pregnancy… But neither of us were right. My high blood pressure was to blame. High Blood pressure is known as the silent killer. Because 2/5 people have it and don’t know it. I had no idea high blood pressure could cause fatigue. I could barely stay awake these past 3 weeks let alone work out. I blamed getting up at 4am and running around after work. I could not get enough sleep- that’s why I felt pregnant if you’ve ever been- you know the feeling. When I’m depressed, I don’t want to do anything so that’s why my hubby was worried. But nope. I knew it caused bloating/swelling and headaches but I never knew until I decided to google it. Thank you google for all that you do.

I’ve also looked up how to combat/control it with food. It’s not just what your not eating people. Yes avoid salt/sodium… But you need to include potassium, magnesium and calcium!!! I’ve decided to take thes supplementally and try to balance out my diet. There are foods I have to avoid eating too much of because of the sugar content (don’t want to develope diabetes/empty calories/trying to lose weight) like bananas, potatoes, and oranges… But these foods are rich in potassium! I decided to do an experiment. I woke up this morning and felt my feet were slightly swollen and I had a slight headache – my blood pressure was high. My shoes fit tight. We stopped to get gas and I got an orange juice. 840 grams of potassium. Drank it. And when I got to work and put my shoes back on- my feet were no longer swollen. The potassium helped lower my blood pressure within an hour. I wouldn’t do this everyday- because citris is a trigger food for my IBS and OJ has too much sugar in it for me… But I’m considering an alternative like Trop 50. Everyone is different and I’m not a doctor or health professional. But I’m defienatly going to try adding these supplements while on my weightloss journey. I can’t eat bananas, oranges, and potatoes everyday. I was sharing a banana with my son until he got sick of them (me 1/3 him 2/3)… And I went through a 2 week phase where all I wanted to drink was orange juice… I believe that craving was my body trying to tell me something was wrong and I just didn’t know what.

I also came up with a list of rules that I’m going to abide by for my new eating habits. (Another post)… It will help me increase my good cholestorol, lower my bad, low sugar, and will help combat my high blood pressure. This has been super complicated. It required me to do a lot of research about what vitamins and minerals are in the foods I plan on consuming and when to consume them. For example- if I want some orange juice- I should drink it before I work out. The little bit of sugar will burn off while I’m working out but the real boost I’ll get is from the potassium and calcium lowering my blood pressure. I won’t feel like I’m over doing it or be extremely exhausted afterwards. Working out lowers blood pressure in the long run- but it’s hard to get moving when your body is working so hard and pumping your blood so fast it makes you exhausted. Think about it? It’s like taking a ballon that was already blown up, deflating it and trying to blow it up again but bigger- it’s going to pop!!


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