Part Scientist Part Mathlete

So figuring out what to eat has been more than complicated. I can defienatly tell when my blood pressure is high. But high cholestorol is something you can’t really see of feel. My sugar levels have been fine so I can keep not eating sugary foods. Haha!!! I actually feel really good today. The past two days I’ve drank a gallon of water each, and I’ve made dinner for my family that not only tasted good but didn’t raise my blood pressure. I’ve noticed even if I don’t add salt to my cooking – almost anything processed in the meal leaves me with a headache.

Maybe some of you are wondering why I haven’t gone to the doctor. I don’t currently have insurance, so I’m tackling this on my own right now (with support from family, friends and everyone reading this – thank you!).
I also fear that once I go to the doctor he may want to prescribe medication- and I don’t want that. I’m too young to be diagnosed with high blood pressure. I do know what could happen if I’m unable to control this I could possibly be put on medication, or could leave to a heart attack, stroke- or kidney failure and dialysis.

This all brings me back to my goals. Size, losing weight that’s all good… But my number one goal is to be healthy. I think about my son, and how I don’t want him to grow up with an unhealthy, medicated mom. This is why I must change and stick with my changes. No matter how comfortable, no matter how emotional or complacent I get I have to keep going.

Change happens when your uncomfortable. If it doesn’t challenge you – it doesn’t change you. Everyday is a challenge.


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