Feeling Great!

I can finally say that I’m back on track!  I feel so much better. This second Challenge, really pushed the limits of my mental health and my internal well-being. I went through a lot, and I still am. It’s hard not to let things/people/situations get to me and stress me out or get me down. I mean that’s a part of life. I grew up in a sort of negative family where we always looked at the bad things. That outlook made me depressed and life didn’t seem like it was worth living. I started to change how I see things when I moved to California and since then – not everything has been cheery-perfect-sunshine but finding the good has left me a more happy person – and has given my mind a break to focus on more important things.

Dealing with my Cholesterol, and High Blood Pressure have really been so hard. It’s been stressful and as I think of the stress – I can feel my blood pressure go up! It’s important for me to relax, and be optimistic and easy going… part of it is my personality (easy-going) – the other part I have to seriously try to do… but it’s important for my health. Taking different approaches to things will be good for me. Instead of arguing or yelling at my son for coloring on the table…. (thinking about my blood pressure) I’ll just make him clean the table – he’ll do this until he doesn’t color on the table anymore. (magic erasers work wonders with crayon)…

I never would have thought that I’d be worried about this stuff at 28. But our country has a serious problem with obesity. And with Obesity comes: High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Stroke & Heart-Attacks. It’s really hard for anyone (not just me) to take responsibility for what they did to their body. Eating habits and not working out and just not caring. I don’t think I really loved myself before. I didn’t care how healthy I was – only that I wasn’t past a certain size. And if my weight fluctuated “oh well – that happened, right?”.

Becoming a parent has made me aware: that my son will look to me and my husband for how to pattern his health/nutrition/wellness among other things. I remember growing up and seeing my grandparents super sick, and then as I got older my parents. I don’t ever want to be like that. This is serious. Why did I only start to care once I became a mother? When you become a parent some switch flicks in your head and it says “I have to be around for this kid – for a long time”. And a lot of issues were found when I was pregnant. Doctors and nurses make you paranoid when you are pregnant – if you eat certain things or too much of this or that – you will harm your baby in someway. And you become a mother when you’re pregnant – that mother’s instinct flips on and you must protect your baby no matter what.

I’ve been doing really good- walking every day, drinking 1+ gallon of water every day, and drinking my 2 Body By Vi Shakes a day. I haven’t been bloated (besides that time of the month), and since I started added Magnesium and Calcium supplements – I’ve noticed a drop in my blood pressure. However eating something with a lot of sodium or getting stressed and/or upset/angry can send it up (and I can feel that change). But I haven’t been getting the headaches! So just that alone makes me fee tons better!

Last week sometime my husband made dinner – it was hamburgers and fries – I didn’t eat the fries (I did a baked potato instead) because I knew my blood pressure would go up. But I did eat the burger… and I had a headache shortly after (I wasn’t taking the calcium/magnesium then)… So I asked how much salt did you put on this? He said “none, I only used Lawry’s” … I said “baby, that’s seasoned salt”… Then he made a good point, “Throw it out, if you can’t eat it.” So that’s my advice to you. If you can’t eat it or shouldn’t eat it… don’t have it in your house. I threw away perfectly good and usable food. I would’ve got in so much trouble growing up if I did that… but I’m the adult now – and I’m the one who shops so why am I bring this crap into our house where it can be mistakenly used in cooking? I think about the episodes of the Biggest Loser when the contestants go home – and they throw out everything in the cabinets and refrigerator and they say “I can’t eat this.” Those words have never rung more truer in my mind. We are at fault for eating poorly. We are at fault for not working out. It’s my fault I got up to 286 pounds. But it’s my responsibility to change myself and I am.

Health isn’t just about fitness – it’s about mental and internal wellness too. Looking nice and being a certain size is nice. It’s flattering when people cheer me on, or tell me I look great and it’s a confidence booster – but for me my real results are my numbers. Not the ones on the scale. My blood pressure readings, my cholesterol count, my BMI, and my measurements. I donated blood yesterday and felt good doing it… It has a lot of health benefits, but it’s a good deed too. They took my blood pressure and other vitals before I gave blood and my blood pressure was 128/82… Not horribly high – and it’s still not in the ideal range – but it’s lower than my reading last month (132/88)… I’m on my way and so are you!



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