The downside of Baggy Clothes

I posted a video a while ago showing how big my pants were after losing 25 lbs. You can read that post/watch the video here.

To date, I’ve lost about 47 lbs. And when I started this journey I was a size 24 pants. Today I am in between a 16 and 18. And while this is very rewarding to me, my budget didn’t allow me to get a brand new wardrobe. I’m a designer and when I was a size 24, I found a really good going out of business sale for my work wardrobe. And now that I’m about 3 sizes smaller… any clothes that I couldn’t hem or take in, I end up pinning them to keep them from falling. I have a bad of shoes and tops to donate. It’s a long process (and expensive one) to replace an entire wardrobe. Some days I feel very frumpy – even though I know I’m not. It’s the clothes. I can’t get rid of everything at once because – I’d have nothing to wear. I’d say this is the downside of losing a lot of weight. Sometimes I feel bigger than I am – because my clothes are so baggy and saggy. I’ve replaced a lot of shirts and sweaters, and have like 2 pairs of shoes that I rotate… but pants are so freaking expensive. I finally found 1 pair of jeans to replace 5 pairs that I threw out!! And I’m torn because I’m still losing weight – so I don’t want to spend a ton of money on clothes that I’ll have to get rid of again. I’m not saying that I’m stopping what I’m doing… just that it’s frustrating and I wish I could wear yoga pants and sneakers to work… but sadly I can’t wear that to an office. Just sharing one of the things I’m dealing with – I have some more posts I plan to post (redundant?)…

There’s so many other things that happen when you lose weight and most of them are positive. But I guess this is more of a money situation holding me back from buying new clothes. But, nonetheless it effects me sometimes. I have some clothes that I kept pre-pregnancy and I love that I can fit into them again. I wish I didn’t get rid of so much – but we were in between housing and didn’t have the space to store my clothes. If we did… I’d have more than enough to wear. I learned my lesson – don’t get rid of clothes that are too small only ones that are too big 😉 There’s no need for “fat pants” if you never plan on being fat.


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