High Blood Pressure Factors

So, if you read almost any of my previous posts… you know, I’m trying very hard to lower and control my blood pressure. It was at it’s best in July when I was working out consistently and eating/snacking on a regular schedule. I was also unemployed so I had more than enough time in my day to do that. Since returning to work and adding a 40 mile commute (around 2 hours) each way (so double that)… it’s been hard to squeeze in my workouts. I get home usually at 7pm, and I try to spend some time with my son to put him to bed and play with him or read to him. Sadly some days I can’t even do that. There are a lot of factors that have been making my blood pressure go up…

This commute is literally the biggest stress factor in my life right now… and I hate it. I hate sitting in the car for up to 4 hours a day wasting time, money, gas, and TIME! and I’m not doing anything but sitting. It’s so frustrating, and I’ve been involved in more accidents that I’m willing to admit to since starting – 1 bad one and 2 that shouldn’t even be considered accidents (no damage)… My job is great, I love it. Driving to and from it is horrible. I had my blood pressure tested when I got off the freeway (getting to our work wellness center)… and it was 150/100. That’s what I start my day at. I wake up, get ready, get my son ready, drop him off and when I get to work (some days) my blood pressure is high. At least my work environment is pretty subdued and laid back… I had it tested after work and it was about 130/100… still high but not as alarming. Average should be 120/80. My resting number (100) is usually high because I’m a high-strung person. I’m trying to really learn how to relax.

This month has been really stressful for me. On top of work, being a mom, being a wife, paying bills – my best friends wedding is in a little more than a week – and it’s in Michigan so I’ve had to plan a trip and get all my bridesmaids stuff add looking for an apartment closer to work to the list and you can guess how stressed I am. not that those aren’t both good things – they just involve time and money – both of which i waste when I’m on the freeway… sitting. A lot of people say oh the food you eat – it’s the food… but no. I cut out all that sodium and processed food earlier this year. Occasionally I’ll think I can eat tortilla chips like the rest of the world and I get a instant headache – and I can’t – I know my limits with food. And if I slip – my body reminds me with a headache. So I just stay away from that stuff. It’s not worth the trouble and I just don’t want to deal with it. For me it’s stress. Limit stress… how the heck do you do that? Relax? I don’t know how… that doesn’t involve alcohol… what relaxes me? Think. Painting (no time)… Eating (can’t eat a lot of things because it raises my blood pressure – can’t “indulge”)… Music… Yes that’s good. I’ve been singing along more. It helps me – release. I also have let a lot of negativity go. I am changing my life and changing my ways to be healthier. Also, I got stress ball – it’s at work but I use it in the morning after the traffic. I try not to yell. I feel my blood pressure go up when I get mad or upset. I’m developing a very Zen/Karmic lifestyle. Just thinking and writing about traffic raised my blood pressure a little bit… I feel it. So, I pulled out my stress ball and am taking some deep breaths. I wake up at 5 am every morning… and am out the house with toddler in tow… at 6… I get to work around 8. Lucky me, right? I would love nothing more than waking up and doing yoga, and taking my time getting ready for work and oh yeah letting my son get the sleep he needs. I tell myself that this will all be rectified and my reality when we move. I am putting a lot of pressure on moving because I cannot take this drive too much longer. I have increased the amount of walks I take in a day to at least 2. not to mention I park pretty far from my job and go up and down 3 flights of stairs to my car. But this isn’t enough for me and I wish I could do more. I am still losing weight and inches though – even though I’m not working as hard… I feel somewhat guilty about it. I wish I was making the progress I was making in July. But then – I had all the time in the world and now I feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

I guess what I’m trying to achieve with this post is – know your body. Some things that work for others might now work for you. Some things that stress other people out might not stress you out. I know I could try and squeeze some workouts in more days than just the weekend… but what will I be sacrificing? Time with my son? That’s what I don’t have enough of. I’m trying to get rid of this commute. Because I don’t need the stress and I’d like my life back and my money too.


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