Everyone has triggers. But not everyone knows what exactly they are. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always thought I ate when I was upset. After self analysis and reflection… I’ve come to the conclusion that that is not 100% true. There have been times when I was upset (like seriously upset) and did not “take it to the fridge”. For me, I’ve come to the conclusion that when I’m feeling rejected – that’s when I compulsively eat. And I could state my evidence, but without going too deep into the confines of my memories – I’ll site past posts. My last fall out with my sister hit me heard and I couldn’t understand why it threw me off my game so much… I felt rejected, and that rejection from her broke my will. This is not just “I didn’t get the job” rejection, this is rejection from a loved one.

I’ve been trying to break my habits, and I’m proud to say the few times that I’ve felt like this I’ve gone to the gym in my apartment instead of eating. By realizing that feeling I’ve taken its power away.


2 responses to “Triggers”

  1. Jenn says :

    I love you! It’s amazing what we continue to learn about ourselves. I’m proud of you.

    And ofcourse I giggled when I read “take it to the fridge” — dirrrrty baaaabe (uh huh) etc.

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