Another day, another step forward

This morning, I decided to clean out the cabinets. Even though I had throwing food away – if I, or my family aren’t or shouldn’t eat it – it got thrown away. My husband would like to bake a cake and cookies… but I’m not sure how I feel about it… the cake not so much, but the cookies. That’s probably my treat of choice.

I’m currently on a strict diet to get ready for surgery. I’m allotted 1300 calories a day or less. Which breaks down to 40% carbohydrates or less, 30% fat or less and 30% protein or more a day. I actually was 45% carbs and 25% protein but I changed it in myfitnesspal. I was told that once I have surgery and am able to eat food again – pasta, rice and bread will be hard to eat because it expands in your stomach. So, I’m saying goodbye to them now and going back to my previous diet of really limiting carbs. And as much as I love potatoes, I’m going to make better choices with them.

This morning my husband and son enjoyed cinnamon rolls (one of the foods that was in the refrigerator)… and I opted for my BodyByVi nutrition shake made with 4oz of water and 4oz of milk. The dietician said I can have low-fat milk, which I was excited about. Even though Almond, soy and coconut milk are good – I always get tired of them and crave milk. As long as I limit my intake to 8oz a day or less, I’ll be ok. I’ll be switching the family to 1%, but for now mixing water and 2% will be ok for me. I also added cinnamon and nutmeg to my shake… that’s like a cinnamon roll – right? The dietician also said that the BodyByVi nutritional shakes have a good source of protein/low fat and they actually are on the shelf of their health store.

If you are interested in being friends with me on myfitnesspal – naomisilas7


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