RIP Mayonnaise

So, I’ve been doing good. Logging my food everyday. I made a lot of changes and even though my dietician said I have 1300 calories a day – my daily net calorie intake has been around 1000-1100. I know that my home scale isn’t as accurate as the one at the doctors office… but at home I was weighing around 305 lbs, and the number has been dropping steadily and this morning it was 284! So I’ve lost around 20 lbs in one week. I was curious to how the fat leaves my body since – I haven’t been working out just changing the way I eat and what I put in my body… I read it may be related to lose stools too…. TMI? Maybe.

Here are some links I found.

How To Burn Stored Body Fat — A Ketosis Primer


So with all this information in my head… we went to the grocery store yesterday. We stocked up on a lot of healthy options – especially things everyone can enjoy. One thing that I am cutting is carbs – I’m trying to eat even less than the recommended amount. I heard and read that once I’m able to eat normally after my surgery – eating pasta, rice and bread may be nearly impossible as it expands in your stomach. I heard it’s uncomfortable – but it may take up needed space in my stomach for protein or other nutrients. I’m a fan of wraps, but I decided to try sandwich thins (100 calories per 2 slices)… I can get down with that. They taste really good too. I was making a sandwich with rotisserie chicken and I pulled out the mayonnaise… then it dawned on me – the last time I lost a bunch of weight I didn’t give up mayo… In fact ever since I tasted real Mayonnaise (I grew up on Miracle Whip)… I’ve never thought about life without it. I have never looked at the label on the back of the Hellman’s until yesterday. 90 calories per 1 tablespoon. It was almost a full jar – but I had to throw it out. I made my sandwich with yellow mustard instead (0 calories)… I texted my husband. I said “I can’t eat mayonnaise… I had to throw it out… RIP Mayonnaise”… then he replied “What is mayonnaise anyway?” and honestly I couldn’t tell him. He doesn’t eat mayonnaise, he likes thousand island on everything. I went to the store today to get honey mustard, but I was surprised there were other kinds of mustard that I haven’t tried before. I guess I will be a mustard connoisseur from now on. I couldn’t add almost 200 calories to my sandwich (because I’ll be honest I don’t like a dry sandwich!)… 200 calories would be more than the chicken I ate or more than the sandwich thins! I couldn’t do that to myself. I have to shrink my liver before surgery, and I need to make better choices for myself.

So RIP Mayonnaise, I can do better without you.





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2 responses to “RIP Mayonnaise”

  1. amandaturner612 says :

    Mustard is SO much better for you than mayo- awesome swap! And, FYI, mayo is mostly eggs and oil…blech.

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